Web Console

[box_info]This feature is available as standalone application. Click here to get more info.[/box_info]

Web Console is a MySQL Terminal emulator, if you are like the MySQL shell, you should like this.

MySQL Terminal Emulator on the Web

With this feature, you can work with your share-hosted remote mysql like your localhost. Now, this script supports following commands:
1). mysql -h [host] -u [user] -p [password] 2). use [database name] 3). standard sql statements.
Please try it on our demo server: http://www.dbfacephp.com/mysqlterminal
Type “mysql -u tmwo0929_demo -p jsding” to connect the demo database, and type some “select” sql statement to try(Writable Script Disabled at our demo).
With this must-have script, you can access your remote MySQL by a browser on PC, event IPHONE , Android handset.

This feature was also exist as a standalone PHP script, Click here to learn more about Super MySQL Terminal.