Upgrading from an existing version

[box_info] DO NOT run installation again, If you already have a DbFacePHP installing.[/box_info] If you already have a DbFacePHP installing, you can upgrade or reinstall it manually (You do not need recreate configuration database etc.).
  • Zip the entire dbfacephp script folder, and backup it somewhere.
  • Unzip and replace the latest version of DbFacePHP(a zip file) to the original folder
  • Open application/config/config.php and edit
    $config['installed'] = '0';


    $config['installed'] = '1';
  • Open application/config/database.php and input the correct values for the following fields.
    $db['default']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
    $db['default']['username'] = 'root';
    $db['default']['password'] = '';
    $db['default']['database'] = 'dbfacephp';

    replace it by the original file.

  • Done, Check all your applications, they should work well.