Talking with database tables

[box_info] The Best Most Feature Packed MySQL Table Editor on the Web [/box_info] [box_info]This feature is available as standalone application. Click here to get more info.[/box_info] DbFacePHP integrate a simple but productive online table editor, that help you talking with your MySQL database tables(Navigating, Inserting, Viewing, Updating, Deleting, Filtering etc.) on the fly.

Expand the database menu, all tables will be shown on the left menu. Plus, table rows shown after the table name(You can turn off the feature for performance reason, See configurations documents). Click eash table name, will open the table navigation tool.
Navigations of Datatables on the fly

Navigating tables by Page

When table opened, you can navigate all the records by clicking the page number. If total page exceeds 15, a combo box will be shown to help you select page number quickly.

By default, every page will show 20 rows, if you want change the default setting, take a look at configuration document.

View a Row

Click the View Row of Tables icon, you will see following page show a row of the table.

Delete Record of a Row

Click the Delete Record of Tables icon, you will delete the selected row of the table.

Apply Filters

DbFacePHP contains a powerful filtering setting tool. Click the “Filter” button on the top-right of the table, the inner dialog will be show like below:
mysql web interface : apply filters

  • Apply: apply current filter settings
  • Close: close the filter dialog
  • Bookmarks: select saved filter settings
  • Clear all filters: Reset current filter settings
  • : add new filter condition
  • : delete selected filter condition
  • : popup a dialog that show all records of the conditional column
[/check_list] DbFacePHP support 13 kinds conditions. If you select “include”, “not include”, “contains”, “not contains”, “between”, “not between”, all filter data should be sperated by “,”, You can use the “pick data” button to help you obtain data from database.

Single data editing

Double click the record, single data editing will be activated. DbFacePHP activate corresponding editbox(Single Line TextField, Multi Line TextField, Number TextField, Calendar Box) on the basis of column types.

Change Record of a Row

Click the change button of each row, a row editing dialog will be shown like below:

Click the “Change” button of the popup dialog, the selected columns’ changes will be applied.

Inserting New Row

Click the “New Record” button, on the page banner, Row Inserting dialog will be shown, you can input datas of inserting row, and click the “Insert” button to add new record.

If you want a exist row as template, select the row and click the “New Record”, the column datas will be copied as default column values.
Insert a row of Record

Colum ordering

You can click the column header to sort the records.


DbFacePHP supports XML, EXCEL, CSV, HTML, PDF(supported since V2.2.0) exporting. Please note, All filters will be applied to the exporting data.