Tabular Report

A tabular report is the most basic type of report you can build. The report output is organized in a multicolumn, multirow format, with each column corresponding to a column in the database table. In this example, the column labels “Deptno,” “Dname,” and “Loc,” are derived from the columns in your SQL SELECT statement, but you can modify column labels as you wish.

Tabular reports are the simplest and fastest way to list your data.

To create a tabular report:

  • 1. Click Applications > Create Application
  • 2. Select Application Type “Advanced Report”
  • 3. Check the “Tabular Report”
  • 4. Select the table name as the tabular report data source(You can join multi tables)
  • 5. Now you will see all available columns on the left side, drag the column names that you want to display.
    Click the “Filter” panel, if you want to apply filters to the resultset.
  • 6. Click the “Click here to Generate Report”, the tabular report preview will be shown
  • 7. Take a look the resultset, if confirmation, click the “Save the Report” button, and input the “Application Name”, “Application Title” and the “Application Description” to save the report.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a tabular paper report.

start creating tabular report for your MySQL

Drag and drop interface for tabular report generator

Preview the tabular report and save for using

DbFacePHP Tabular Report Sample

DbFacePHP Tabular Report Sample