Release Notes

Version 5.9

DbFace V5.9 released at 2016/09/19

  • [Feature] Enhanced SQL workshop that you allow test your SQL queries on the fly.
  • [Feature] Query Builder
  • [BUG] Oracle Support

Version 5.7

DbFace V5.7 released at 2016/08/20

  • [BUG] Customization CSS can not apply to embed applications (20160831)
  • [BUG] Generate wrong SQL query switching to SQL query mode
  • [BUG] Can not apply form variables in Drag Drop mode
  • [Feature] Support raw html form builder, building Form using Javascript, HTML.
  • [Feature] Custom dashboard layout
  • [Feature] API Connector, connect DbFace to your No-SQL database
  • [Feature] Customization javascript code custom reports behaviour by javascript

Version 5.5

DbFace V5.5 released at 2016/05/18

  • [Improve] New application categories system.
  • [Improve] Support category icon
  • [Improve] Column links in Table Editor (navigate tables by column value)
  • Minor other bugs fixed

Version 5.3

DbFacePHP V5.3 released at 2016/03/14

  • [FIX] Dashboard builder fixes.
  • [Improve] Show/Hide Data module
  • [Improve] Option for showing all applications of all database connections
  • Many other bugs fixed

Version 5.2

DbFacePHP V5.2 released at 2016/02/25

  • [Feature] Story report, navigate reports page by page.
  • [Improve] PostgreSQL supported
  • [Improve] SQL Server supported
  • [Improve] [Improve] Oracle supported
  • Many other bugs fixed

Version 5.0

DbFacePHP V5.0 released at 2016/01/18

  • [Improve] Redesigned menu system
  • [Improve] Cloud Code (beta)
  • [Improve] Database structure manager (only available for MySQL)
  • Many other bugs fixed

Version 4.4

DbFacePHP V4.4 released at 2015/07/26

  • [FIX] New Option for form fields default value

Version 4.3

DbFacePHP V4.3 released at 2015/07/09

  • [FIX] Missing Radio Group, Checkbox form variables
  • [FIX] URL parameters for sub-report(reports in dashboard)
  • [FIX] Remove the app name characters limitation
  • [NEW] Hooks for sorting the menu items of sidebar
  • [FIX] Many other style fix

Version 4.2.1

DbFacePHP V4.2 released at 2015/07/01

  • [FIX] Passing external parameters for Chart report
  • [FIX] URL parameters for sub-report(reports in dashboard)

Version 4.2

DbFacePHP V4.2 released at 2015/05/13

  • [FIX] Can not save joined datasource
  • [FIX] Tons of style fix

Version 4.1

DbFacePHP V4.1 released at 2015/04/27

  • [FIX] Edit Application Form FIX
  • [FIX] Application that containing Form in embed mode
  • [FIX] Tons of style fix

Version 4.0

DbFacePHP V4.0 released at 2015/04/01

  • [Feature] Form feature, you can include a form while creating report
  • [Feature] Edit Application
  • [Feature] Redesigned dashboard: Dashboard now is a report
  • [Feature] Report permission
  • [Feature] Much more new featured added

Version 3.0.9

DbFacePHP V3.0.9 released at 2015/02/27

  • [FIX] Add the missing SQLite3 support

Version 3.0.8

DbFacePHP V3.0.8 released at 2015/02/18

  • [FIX] The shared URL not work on some case (wrong apache htaccess settings).

Version 3.0.7

DbFacePHP V3.0.7 released at 2015/02/06

  • [Improve] Firebird initialize support.
  • [FIX] Minor style fixes in V3.0.6.

Version 3.0.6

DbFacePHP V3.0.6 released at 2015/01/31

  • [Improve] PostgreSQL initialize support.
  • [Improve] SQL Server initialize support.

Version 3.0.5

DbFacePHP V3.0.5 released at 2015/01/30

  • [Improve] Crosstab(Pivot) table report support.
  • [FIX] SQL Query mode for chart report not work in some cases.

Version 3.0.4

DbFacePHP V3.0.4 released at 2015/01/29

  • [Improve] Remove pure PHP code report, all php report support mixed html.
  • [FIX] Mixed PHP Report can not edit the code again in some cases.

Version 3.0.3

DbFacePHP V3.0.3 released at 2015/01/23

Version 3.0.2

DbFacePHP V3.0.2 released at 2015/01/20

  • [FIX] Chart report can not display in shared mode.
  • [Feature] You can see the DbFacePHP version in your profile page now.
  • [Improve] Display a notification message in dashboard when no database connection available.
  • [Feature] PHP 5.3 version available.
  • [FIX] table colums are hidden for tabular report that have many columns
  • [FIX] Can not join tables (table fields can not refresh)

Version 3.0.1

DbFacePHP V3.0.1 released at 2015/01/18

  • [FIX] Licensing to expired DbFacePHP failed.

Version 3.0.0

DbFacePHP V3.0.0 released at 2015/01/01
DbFacePHP V3.0.0 is not compatible with previous verison. You can not upgrade from old version to this or later version. The old verison has located at: DbFacePHP for MySQL website

  • Initialize release

Version 2.2.9

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.9 released at 2014/08/25

Version 2.2.8

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.8 released at 2013/01/30

  • Bug fixed since V2.2.7

Version 2.2.7

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.7 released at 2012/12/01.

  • [Feature]Native PHP session supported
  • and more…

Version 2.2.6

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.6 release at 2012/09/01.

  • [Bug]Form Builder not work on IE7 IE8
  • [Bug]If you select multi-line for chart, update, come out and go back in later the drop down defaults to single chart (bug)
  • [Improve]Improve data values display in chart application
  • [Bug]Can not drag and drop for many fields tables
  • [Feature]DbFacePHP Debug Panel: you can see what’s going on with applications since this version.

Version 2.2.5

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.5 release at 2012/08/06.

  • [Improve]Auto Landscape if columns > 5 exporting PDF
  • [Feature]Date Format setting for Date Field in Form Builder
  • [Bug]Multi Select won’t work in some cases
  • [Bug]Charting not work when using # or * flags in application scripts
  • [Improve]X-Axis Label format for Charting applications
  • [Bug]Application CSV Exporting: No delimiters at all, all fields are concatenated together
  • [Bug]Fix query truncation issue when application scripts more than 1024 characters
  • [Improve]Add “Date Format” for date field

Version 2.2.4

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.4 released at 2012/06/24.

  • [Improve] Missing connections after running install.php again. With this build, you will not missing your work on previous version
  • [Feature] Add PDF export option for Query Application
  • [Improve] Change PDF font size smaller (12 to 8)

Please refer: [Weekly Build]Weekly Build for V2.2.3 to learn more.

Version 2.2.1

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.1 release at 2012/06/09.

  • [Bug Fixed]Connection Creating/Updating in some cases
  • [Bug Fixed]Query Builder resultset preview cause PHP warning in some cases
  • Some other minor Bug fixed since V2.2.0

Version 2.2.0

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.2.0 release at 2012/05/27.

  • Backup and restore the configuration database with ease
  • PDF exporting for tables and query records
  • Bug fixed since V2.0.1

Version 2.0.1

DbFacePHP for MySQL v2.0.1 released at 2012/05/08.

  • MySQL table access for Users(Permission based)
  • Bug Fixed for Matrix Report, Summary Report and Calendar Report
  • More detailed documentation
  • Bug fixed since V1.9.4

Version 1.9.4

DbFacePHP for MySQL v1.9.4 released at 2012/04/29.

  • [Feature]You can external access application created in DbFacePHP now: embed application in any page.

Version 1.9.3

  • [bug fixed]Can not create database when name contains special characters
  • [Feature]Duplicate table structures and/or records
  • [Feature]Optional record table change logs

Version 1.9.2

DbFacePHP for MySQL v1.9.2 released at 2012/02/06.

  • [bug fixed]A Chart Report Bug
  • [Feature]PHP5.3 compatibility
  • [bug fixed] Many bugs fixed since v1.9.2 alpha

Version 1.9.2 alpha

DbFacePHP for MySQL v1.9.2 alpha released at 2010/02/06.

  • [NEW] Drag-drop Tabular, Summary, Chart, Calendar, Matrix Report generator.
  • [NEW] Web based mysql shell emulator.
  • [NEW] Resultset checkpoint Application.
  • [NEW] Dashboard application
  • [NEW] You can save and load filters of a table
  • [NEW] Backup and restore tools for tables
  • [bug fiexed] Many bugs fixed since v1.9.1

Version 1.9.1

DbFacePHP for MySQL v1.9.1 released at 2009/12/01.

  • [Imporved]: Field names displayed as first row for exporting csv and excel;
  • [Imporved]: Displayed UTF-8 characters incorrectly in exported excel file.
  • [bug fixed]: using tag *{…@{var}…}*, #{…@{var}…}# cause php exception;
  • [bug fixed]: can not build a drop list by entering values directly;
  • [Improved]: auto refresh the menuitems left when updated;
  • [Improved]: show more detail message when exception occurs;

Version 1.9.0

DbFacePHP for MySQL v1.9.0 released at 2009/11/01.
DbFacePHP’s codebase is the tmWorks R-View which released 2006.

  • [updated] initial release.