Query Builder

This topic is about DbFacePHP for MySQL

DbFacePHP for MySQL product has moved to http://appbuilder.dbfacephp.com.

Live Web based MySQL Query Builder

Query builder helps you making query sql statement on the web. Login with an administration account and expand the “Setting And Tools” menu, click the “Query Builder”, you will see the applicaton.

Query Builder helps you display database data proper way. You can join tables, apply filters, group and sort data. You can also view raw SQL query (SELECT SQL Statement, if you do not know SELECT statement, Click here to learn more) and preview results.

A graphical user interface that allows users to create queries without knowledge of the SQL programming language. In the Query Builder, users can “show” the datasources of the query and select the fields they want returned by clicking them. Joins can be created by clicking and dragging fields in tables to fields in other tables.

mysql web interface : the easiest way making mysql query sql in the world


  • Table List : In the left side, all available tables shown there
  • Workspace: Drop table names in the workspace and join them.
  • Columns: which fields selected, and order, group, limit
  • Conditions: build where clause
  • Sorting: select sorting columns
  • Preview: preview the generated SQL statement
  • Resultset: execute the preview sql and preview the resultset