Query application

Building MySQL Query Application

If you want displaying results of a SELECT query from database, then Query Application could be used.
Query Application’ helps you get data rows from target database with a query SQL statement(SELECT).

  • It consists of a FORM (or not) and a query SQL statement.
  • When the user fill in the form and click the ‘submit’ button, the SQL query statement will be executed with the form parameters and the data rows show on the page.
[/check_list] This chapter show how to create a query application that seaching orders by status within 5 mins.

Step1. Enter application information

Click the Application menu, and click the Create New Application button in the opened page. In the opened page:
mysql tool, enter application information
After entering application information, click “Next>>” button. a page like below will be shown
mysql tool, enter application information

Step2. Creating a Form which contains a “Status” dropdown

mysql tool, create form contains a dropdown widget

Step3. Building Query Scripts with the help of Query Builder

mysql tool, create query script with the help of Query Builder

Step4. Done!

Now, expand the application menu in the left, you will see the application just created.

mysql web tool, making query application without coding php.