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What is a Form?

As a kind of user interface, form may contains TextField, TextArea, Droplist, Radio and many other fields. Generally speaking, You fill out a form and click the “submit” or “execute” button to get a result set or execute a script. DbFacePHP provides a GUI based builder to help you create a form only doing some mouse clicks.

Creating a new Form

Click the “Form Builder”, and open the “Form Properties” dialog, drag selected form fields to the created form.

Form Fields Guide

DbFacePHP supports Single Line TextField, Multi Line TextField, Dropdown(Combo Box), Radio Group, Checkbox, Multi Select, Date, Note widgets. Select a form field from toolbox and drop to the form container, field property form will be shown like below:


  • Label Name: the field label show at the left the textbox
  • Field Name: variable name used in Application scripts, if a field name is “customername”, you can use ${customername} as the field value
  • Updating Script: this property is optional. Updating script is just a query script which can contains form variables. When the field changed, the updating script will execute, and the resultset map to current form.
  • initial value: the initial value of the form field
  • “This is required field” checkbox: if checked, the form field must not be empty
  • “This is uneditable field” checkbox: if checked, user can not change the form field
  • Data Source: Data Source means how to get data from databases(or anywhere) for the form field. There unisually are 3 methods to set data source
    • Unrestricted: User can input any value for the field, this method is only for Single Line and Multi Line
    • mapping script: User specify a query script mapping to the form field
    • enter values directly: User input values of the field directly, one for per line, DbFacePHP support “value” or “key:value” format.


How query resultset mapping to form fields?

“Updating Script”, “Mapping Script” means DbFacePHP execute a query statement and get the resultset to fill the form fields by column names.

i.e. a resultset contains “name” column, and it’s first row value is “DbFacePHP”, the DbFacePHP will fill the form field which field Name is “name”, You see, it’s a simple rule.