Tabular Report

A tabular report is the most basic type of report you can build. The report output is organized in a multicolumn, multirow format, with each column corresponding to a column in the database table.

Tabular Report Features

  • Pagination if possible
    If the tabular report contains rows more than one page, it will do pagination
  • Search
    You can search data in tabular report
  • Orer
    Ordering data by columns
  • Exporting
    You can export the tabular report as CSV file.

Building Tabular Report in Drag & Drop Mode

DbFacePHP provides you a smart way to create tabular report. You do not need to write your SQL query script directly to generate tabular report.

To build a tabular (table) report:

Select “Tabular Report” visualization type

Select Tabular report

Select table or join tables as data source

Choose a base table that your tabular report using. You can also join multiple tables as report data source.
Join tables

Choosing Select Columns, Ordering, Filtering

Build tabular report in DbFacePHP by the Drag and Drop interface