Report Builder Workspace

Basic Information

Report builder - enter basic information

  • Connection: Select the database connection that used in this report.
  • Name: The name of this report widget.


Publish, Save Draft and Preview report in DbFacePHP

  • Save Draft: Save this report as a draft, draft report can not be used in dashboard
  • Preview: Preview this report
  • Publish: Publish this report, report will be available in dashboard builder.

Display Type

Select report type

  • Tabular Report:
  • Summary Report:
  • Chart Report – Pie Chart
  • Chart Report – Column Chart
  • Chart Report – Bar Chart
  • Chart Report – Line Chart
  • Chart Report – Scattle Plot Chart
  • Chart Report – Area Chart
  • Google Map Report
  • Number Report
  • HTML Report
  • PHP Report

Data Source

Join multiple tables as datasource

Join multiple tables as datasource

Columns & Fields

Drag and drop columns to generate reports


Build Filter Conditions without writing a single line of code



Specify report category