Install DbFacePHP

DbFacePHP is a web script product written by PHP.  To install DbFacePHP on your own environment, please make sure the following requirement:

  • PHP5.3+ enabled webserver, such as Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc.
  • PHP extension: SQLite3.
  • PHP extension: IonCube Loader.
  • Database PHP extension, SQLite3, MySQL or PostgerSQL.


DbFacePHP is an easy Installing drop-to-use application.

Please follow the following instructure to install:

Step 1. Uploading files.

Upload the product zip file ( to your web folder.

Step 2. Uncompressing downloaded file.

Unzip dbfacephp product archive. If you do not want to use the default folder name, you can create your own and move all the files to your new folder.

Step 3. Setting Directory Permissions.

Make sure the following directories writable:

  • config
  • application/cache
  • application/logs

Step 4. Start the installation process.

open the browser and access the DbFacePHP to start the installation process.

Example: http://server/dbfacephp

If SQLite3 extension installed, DbFacePHP will try it’s best to do the typical installation, otherwise, DbFacePHP will ask you where to save it’s configuration.

The Default Administrator username and password is: admin/admin. You can modify the account in the user profile page.