DbFacePHP is a report dashboard builder tool for SQL databases.

With the straightforward drag and drop interface, you can build professional chart reports and dashboards without writing a single line of code.

DbFacePHP is a PHP script product, it can be run on any PHP5.3+ webservers like apache, IIS, Nginx.

Supported Report Type

Supported Databases

  • MySQL – PHP MySQLi driver
  • SQLite3 – PHP SQLite3 Driver
  • PostgreSQL – PHP PDO PostgreSQL Driver
  • SQL Server – PHP PDO SQL Server Driver
  • Firebird/InterBase – PHP iBase Driver
  • Other SQL Databases – PHP PDO Driver
    Cubrid, Informix, Oracle work with PHP PDO driver
  • CSV File
    Uploading CSV File, DbFacePHP will store the csv file into a SQLite3 database.

Dashboard Created by DbFacePHP