Chart Report

DbFacePHP has 2 method to create chart report : the raw type and the Drag-drop type. This is the second type to creating Pie, Line, Bar, Stack chart reports for your databases.

To create a chart report:

  • 1. Click Applications > Create Application
  • 2. Select Application Type “Advanced Report”
  • 3. Check the “Chart Report”
  • 4. Select the table name as the chart report data source(You can join multi tables)
  • [check_list]
    • 1. Select Fields for Chart
      Drag column (from Left pane) and Drop into X or Y Axis area on the top.
      For Detailed set X-Axis Label and Y-Axis Label.
    • 2. Apply the functions
      Click the drop down menu in the dropped column and select the required function.
    • 3. Filter the data.
      Click the filter tab and drag and drop the columns whose values are to be filtered
      Select the values to be filtered and apply filter.
  • 6. Click the “Click here to Generate Report”, the chart report preview will be shown
  • 7. Take a look the resultset, if confirmation, click the “Save the Report” button, and input the “Application Name”, “Application Title” and the “Application Description” to save the report.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a chart report.