Built-In Management Tools

DbFacePHP integrate many useful MySQL administration tools that help you working with MySQL (mysql admin on the web) easy.

Database Structure Manager

Click the “Database Structure” menu in the left will open the Structure Manager, which helps you managing tables sturctures: Creating new tables, Add/Edit/Delete fields of tables, Add/Edit/Delete keys on fields, etc.

Privileges manager.

Click the “Database Privileges” menu in the left will open the Privileges Manager, which helps you creating/editing/deleting users of your databases, you should have corresponding user to connecting the target databases.

Backup and Restore.

Backup and Restore helps you dump/restore current databases,

you can also copy current database to another remote database.

SQL Editor.

SQL Editor helps you helps you fire queries from database and export the resultset with a browser on the fly; SQL Editor also has the filter and exporting feature, you should love.

Web Console.

As a SQL guru, you may like Web Console. Web Console is a mysql shell emulator. with Web console, You can work with your share-hosted remote mysql like your localhost. Now, this script supports following commands:

1). mysql -h [host] -u [user] -p [password]

2). use [database name]

3). standard sql statements.