Report generator

Advanced Report Generator feature helps you create tabular, summary, matrix, calendar reports on the fly.

Tabular report (Table Report)

A tabular report is a list of records. You’ve probably seen this kind of layout before in your favorite spreadsheet program or even on an old-fashioned paper balance sheet.

A basic tabular report consists of rows (each row is one record) and columns (each column is a field).

A tabular report can contain any columns that you want. You can filter records, so you only see those that interest you. Then sort and group the remaining records any way you want. Tabular reports may sound simple, but they’re actually a very powerful tool. You can create a much more informative layout than the one pictured above. For example, you can group records to ensure that viewers can process the data quickly. You can even draw in values from related tables.

Summary Report

Summary reports list your data with subtotals and other summary information.

Matrix Report

Matrix reports list summaries of your data in a grid against both horizontal and vertical criteria.

Chart Report

Chart Report allows you to create a graphical view using different types of charts.

Calendar Report

Calendar report helps you organize data in a monthly calendar.